The steroid manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals under the name Aquatest differs from other simila..


This drug by its principle of action is largely similar to Testosterone Enanthate and serves as a go..


Enandrol is a prolonged steroid drug that helps normalize the natural production of testosterone in ..






The complex multicomponent composition of the steroid Sustanon  accompanies its slow and gradua..


The work of the drug Sust 500 on the rate of muscle building is obvious to everyone. Especially..


Testosterone cypionate has a rather long-lasting effect, as well as high androgenic and anabolic act..


We bring to your attention the injectable steroid drug Test E, the active substance of which is Test..


Pharma TEST E300 is a steroid based on testosterone enanthate, one-legged of the most popular weight..


Given the remarkable fact that Test P acts instantly, the first results from its use can be felt on ..


The main active ingredient of Propandrol is Testosterone Propionate, and it was originally created t..


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Testosterone price

Buy testosterone. The range of sports nutrition is constantly updated with new names that quickly become relevant among the athletes. At the same time, there are recognized industry leaders who are used by the majority of fellow citizens. These include testosterone, the price of which will pleasantly surprise every visitor to our site. Properly chosen sports nutrition helps to gain weight, go through the drying process and improve the relief of muscle tissue. Most of the benefits can be obtained through accelerated synthesis of proteins in the body.

How to choose a quality farm? Many athletes are faced with a situation where there is a request for rapid weight gain, and even a properly chosen diet does not allow obtaining a result. Here you need to look for a problem at the hormonal level. With high probability, the body simply does not produce testosterone in sufficient quantities. Synthetic substances that many bodybuilders are interested in fix the problem. You can buy testosterone in various forms, including pills and injections. Among the varieties of dough the most common remain:

  • Testosterone Enanthate;
  • Testosterone propionate;
  • Testosterone Cypionate

It is this male hormone that directly affects human health, and also contributes to improving the quality of life. It is very important for the athlete to maintain an optimal concentration of the hormone, so you cannot do without the help of pharmaceuticals. Having passed a special course, it is possible to significantly improve strength and endurance, as well as to obtain the necessary mass.

Testosterone Propionate

The role of hormone in sports

If testosterone drugs which are presented on our website, reduces its concentration in the body, then this leads to a drop in tone, as well as a decrease in libido. In the body begins a violation of metabolic processes, which leads to a sharp set or decrease in body weight. Additional unpleasant consequences of the lack of a hormone are diseases of the heart and gastrointestinal tract.

Bodybuilder can not reduce the level of the hormone, for which special preparations were created. Testosterone propionate in this regard remains one of the most qualitative and effective means. With its help it is possible:

  • create beautiful muscles;
  • stimulate libido;
  • synthesize protein in an increased amount;
  • strengthen bone tissue.

The peculiarity of this type of testosterone is that its period of action remains minimal. Often the drug is used during drying. It is also used in sports disciplines where maximum endurance is required of an athlete. The solo course is suitable for beginner athletes who want to gain weight and save the result.

Testosterone cypionate was first synthesized and tested in the United States. Subsequently begins its rapid spread throughout the world. The long half-life allows injections to be much less common. The substance promotes weight gain. The course manages to improve the quality of muscles, as well as accelerate the production of red blood cells. Therefore, the body acquires endurance and activates more powerful metabolic processes.

Testosterone enanthate has a similar effect. It is traditionally chosen as an anabolic substance, which contributes to the rapid set of muscles. If you decide to buy testosterone, then do not miss the opportunity to do it in a trusted store. Our company has many years of experience, which allows customers to get a quality product at attractive prices.

Testosterone price in online store

Enandrol (Testosterona E) 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals 6.00€
Sustamed (Sustandrol) 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals 6.00€
Testosteron Depo (Testosteron Enanthato) 250 mg Galenika 5.00€
SP Cypionate (Testosteron Cypionate) 200 mg SP Laboratories 50.00€
Propandrol (Testosterone P) 100 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals 5.00€
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