Metenolone Enanthate is a drug of sports pharmacology that has a pronounced anabolic effect and a mi..


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One of those rare drugs allowed for use by both male bodybuilders and adult women is Primobol, the p..


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In this case, Rimobolan is the new trade name of the drug Primobolan, known among athletes using spo..


Nabolic activity - 88% testosterone; Androgenic activity - 44% testosterone; Aromatization (conver..


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Each drug from the number of sports nutrition has its own unique effect, allowing you to quickly improve the initial performance and get a stable weight gain. Many experienced bodybuilders know primobolan firsthand. The tool has established itself as a high-quality steroid, able to demonstrate good anabolic activity. The substance has a slight androgenic effect. A distinctive feature that primobolan demonstrates the price in front of you is the lack of accumulation of fluid in the body. The activity of the substance is maintained for 10-15 days. At the same time, athletes have noted a good increase in pure muscle, which is protected from the rebound phenomenon.

Benefits of Primobolan

The demand for anabolic steroid is increasing, which is easy to explain, considering the following factors:

  • power indicators are growing by 20-25 percent;
  • endurance rises by 30 percent;
  • metabolism occurs much faster;
  • per week course you can get up to 500g quality mass.

It is also worth to buy Primobolan due to the fact that the drug helps to get rid of fat accumulations. On average, a week takes up to 200-300g of adipose tissue, which is a good indicator. The tool helps to remove excess fluid from the body and does not accumulate it throughout the cycle. The synthesis of amino acids is greatly increased. Athletes also use medication to increase the rate of recovery processes occurring in the muscle fibers. After active and grueling workouts, this feature becomes especially important.

Dosage of Primobolan

Primobolan is a quality substance that has a mild effect on the body. The composition includes enanthate ester. Thanks to this component, it is possible to increase the safe dosage to 400 mg. Using more moderate volumes, it will be difficult to get a serious result. The substance goes well with testosterone, which is also very popular among powerlifters. Primobolan should be bought in order to successfully combine several effects, obtaining an excellent result on a stable basis.

In our store you can easily find high-quality sports pharmacology from leading manufacturers. At Primobolan, the price remains such that every athlete will be able to take advantage of it during training.

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