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Gonadotropin is a chorionic gonadotropin. This drug came to bodybuilding from medicine.&nb..


Gonadotropin 1/5000 IU is an innovative drug used in the sports field to stabilize the hormonal back..


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Gonadotropin price

Buy gonadotropin. The use of anabolic steroids allows athletes to quickly obtain a qualitative increase in muscle or improve its drawing. But any pharmaceutical drug has not only a positive, but also a negative effect. In the case of steroids we are talking about inhibition of the synthesis of testosterone and other hormones. For this reason, men have to take retaliatory measures that will prevent the blockage of the production of natural sex hormones. In severe form, the disease leads to atrophy of the testes, therefore, it is not necessary to postpone the intake of high-quality drugs aimed at maintaining the body in good shape. Gonadotropin, the price of which is in front of you, helps to cope with serious consequences for the body, even on a course of heavy steroids.

Quality farm for athletes. Over the past years, gonadotropin has become increasingly popular. It is part of not only sports nutrition, but also courses for weight loss. In the early 2000s, British scientists conducted studies that demonstrated the excellent performance of hCG in terms of combating extra pounds. The active ingredient acts on the hypothalamus, which helps to start using body fat for the production of energy trace elements. Due to the fact that gonadotropin binds cortisol, the destruction of muscle fibers in parallel with fat burning processes does not occur.

Gonadotropin buy

Reception and dosage of the drug. Gonadotropin should be bought necessarily because of the presence of a number of positive qualities:

  • Decreased appetite;
  • Rapid removal of fats from the body;
  • Preservation of muscle tone;

In order for the drug to provide the desired effect, the gonadotropin price of which is before you, must be used in accordance with the developed scheme. The drug is injected into the fatty layer in the abdominal area at a distance of 6-8 cm from the navel. The injection is made using an insulin syringe. The active ingredient must be administered in an amount of 1 ml. After the injection, the component begins to affect the body, and the half-life is only a few hours. Before use, it is enough to mix the contents of two vials that are included in the package. Here you can buy gonadotropin and get all the necessary information about the drug.

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